Franklin Park Zoo -Boston

Tickets for Franklin Park Zoo are normally about $20 for adults, and $15 for kids. This would typically be wayyyyy out of our price range. Today we took advantage of free fun fridays- an initiative that gives free admission to many zoos and museums throughout Massachusetts on each Friday of the summer.
The plus side is that my kids got an experience that we typically couldn't afford. The downside is that words can not express how busy it was. Parking was a nightmare, the exhibits were so crowded that the kids could not see and the common areas were a child abduction nightmare.
We had planned to do the entire Zoo, the kids looked at an online map the night before (as we usually do) to read up on some animals and get the layout of the land. ( #momhack #kidswithanxiety ) We ended up only doing one small strip because my daughter was frustrated with the lines and my son was having an anxiety attack over the crowds. They are outing professionals- they stay close and alert at all times, but today even I was having a parent anxiety attack that I would lose them.
I have to be fair and mention that it was 90 degrees in the sun, and I am seven months pregnant. I knew it would be busy, but I couldn't get a helper to come with us. I definitely underestimated the turn out, and we all got annoyed quickly. It would probably be worth giving a Free Fun Friday event another shot with help, but I think we will stick to less crowded events for the remainder of my pregnancy.
Regardless, the zoo is beautiful and it was nice to change up the animals we see! The kids haven't seen giraffes and zebras in quite a while!

Bridgewater Public Library

Tons of free events and a great Kids section at this library! Tonight we went to a free magic show! In celebration of summer reading ending they also gave out coupons for a free kids meal at chipotle. Total score for free entertainment. My kids had so much fun!

Green Briar Nature Center- Sandwich

Today was the second time we've attended Green Briar (third if you count Arielle's field trip!) and we fall more in love each time. The first time we went, we attended an animal education class- it cost $2. Today was an open house where all exhibits were free, but even on a normal day their admission and memberships are very affordable. They even offer jam making for the Kids, with an adorable mini kitchen!

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