Lots of Updates!



Hey everyone! I know we’ve been a little MIA this summer, but things have been super crazy. My son Jacen has suffered for a long time with a connective tissue disorder. We found out this summer that this includes the connective tissue in his heart and GI tract. We’ve gotten very familiar with Boston Children’s Hospital, and have to give them a shout out for some top of the line care- especially our amazing nurses and the outstanding child life specialists.

Thankfully things are settling down into a new normal for us. The baby is standing, walking, and getting into trouble. Jacen is adjusting well to his new schedule and school. Arielle is sassy as ever, and a total bad-ass. (Don’t tell her I said that- as much as I admire her strength I do try to get her to tone down the attitude every once in a while… but I do strongly believe she is, in fact, a total bad-ass.)

I’m most excited to share an event being hosted by US! 10/14 at 11:00 I am organizing a local moms meet-up. It’s completely free and an opportunity for both moms and kids to make some new friends. It will be held at the Lukey Community Park (the old Weweantic Playground) on the corner of Hathaway st and 5th ave in Wareham. I am so, over the top ecstatic and I really hope for a solid turnout.

mom halloween


I’ve also updated our calendar of upcoming events, so make sure to check out that tab! Fall is our favorite season, so there’s plenty of events we are super excited about. Hope to run into you at some of them!


We’ve recently discovered an AMAZING princess party company. Ever After Events is originally based in the Pittsburgh area, and has branched out to Boston. We give them the highest recommendation if you’re in need of a princess for a day!



Lastly, Our square shop has been updated with new crochet goods. I have a ton more to post, but we’d definitely appreciate it if you stopped by!




Thanks to everyone who hung in there and continued to support us this summer! I’m looking forward to finishing out the year strong, and hoping to see many of you at events!

All our love,

Kate and the Kids.

Author: Kate and the Kids

Mother of 4 taking her family on a journey to better health!

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