Filling my Cup with Hygge

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Hygge lately. Hygge doesn’t have a direct translation in English, but it encompasses feeling of happiness, coziness, acceptance and well- being. Our family has been dealt a bit of stress, and I’m finding the need for hygge even more important than usual.


One of the most meaningful things I’ve heard as a mother is, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” It seriously needs to be printed out and handed to all expectant mothers with their positive pregnancy tests. The number of women who suffer from postpartum depression, the moms who are burning themselves out to keep their kids going, every woman everywhere- we all need to practice self love. We need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. It’s like when you fly on an airplane, and they tell you to secure your oxygen before assisting others. It’s seems counter-intuitive and selfish, but we can’t save others if we’re knocked out.


With that in mind, I realized that I needed to challenge myself with a hygge activity amidst the sick kids in my house. I chose to fill my cup with yarn.


Crocheting for me keeps me mindful and calm. Counting stitches occupies the space in my mind that are sometimes filled with the dark thoughts and anxiety. The methodical, repetitive motions scratch the itch created by my OCD. On top of everything, the effort and time I spend with my projects produces a tangible, rewarding item in the end.


Today Anna and Jacen are sick. Jacen is still feeling the effects of the medicine from his hospital visit on Friday, and Anna has a temp of 103. It’s been a rough day, but it’s also afforded us a lot of down time. Laundry and dishes took the back burner, snuggling and family became priority. I found myself able to crochet and comfort Anna at the same time. I had to keep my cup full before I could fill theirs.


I don’t think we’ve come out the other side of this illness quite yet, but I know I’ll be the best caretaker for them when I’m taken care of too. Love yourself today, find some time for hygge.


With healthy hearts,

Kate and the Kids,

Author: Kate and the Kids

Mother of 4 taking her family on a journey to better health!

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