I planned my perfect birthday, and here’s what happened.


In past years, I’ve always gone out of my way to feel beautiful on my birthday. I’d slather on the makeup, sky high eyelashes and painful heels. I’d round up my friends and head to a club. We’d drink too much, spend money we didn’t have and feel disgusting in the morning.



That didn’t sound too appealing to me this year, maybe I’m just getting too old.


1c8d5ec78bbe186d739ed95cf049660c--chris-hemsworth-body-chris-hemsworth-shirtlessInstead, I wrote out what my perfect day would be like. No wrong answers, everything that I’d want. Next I crossed off things that were out of the realm of possibility; Chris Hemsworth delivering my breakfast in bed, (shirtless, of course) waking up in a tropical resort with a flat stomach and golden tan, or going outside to snuggle with my new alpaca. None of those were going to happen, but I did have a few remaining wishes.



The first realistic thing I really wanted to do was take a hot yoga class. Next, I’d head to my favorite juice bar for lunch. Most excitingly, I’d get to relax in a Himalayan Salt Cave. Finally, I’d end the day with pedicures and dinner with my friends.


No alcohol, no sugary dessert, no things. Just relaxation and a bunch of great memories.


At the end of the day, I’d had so many great experiences. All of these things STILL cost less than a night at the club. My body felt healthy, my anxiety was reduced, and I woke up the next morning feeling BETTER than the day before (instead of hung over.)


I’m so excited to share my individual experiences with you! One day fueled a whole lot of blog-brainstorming. They were all so awesome that I couldn’t fit all of my words into one post. I think it’s better this way- these were all such cool experiences that I’d rather give them each their time to shine, and hopefully encourage you guys to try them too!


IMG_0726What really made my birthday special this year was who I shared it with. Dinner with my biggest supporters and closest friends was such a comforting close to my day, but that wasn’t who I spent my daytime hours with. I spent my whole day, all of these experiences, by myself..  by choice! This was huge deal for me, as I usually am too scared to try new things alone. I almost always bring a support person with me everywhere I go. After working on myself for about a year, I’m finally able to do things on my own. I spent the whole day with myself, working on myself- and it was amazing. There was a lot of time for meditation, and all of my choices were directed at making myself a healthier person. I spent the day with me, and realized I’m a pretty great person these days. I no longer have to fear being alone with my thoughts. I no longer require another person to hold my hand so I can make it through the day. I’m good just being me, and that’s the greatest gift I could have asked for.


With healthy hearts (and excitement for posts to come,)

Kate and the Kids.

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