Move that booty!

Exercise is a huge part of overall heath. Moving your body has physical, emotional, and sometimes even social benefits!

Grab a friend and a bottle of water, and move for at least 30 minutes. Don’t know where to start? Take the dog for a walk, try an exercise video off YouTube, or bring the kids outside for a game of basketball.

If you need something more specific, try my HIIT workout! (High intensity interval training) This is my actual workout for today! I’d love to hear some feedback if you try it!

Do thirty seconds of each exercise, with a one minute rest between sets. You can also count 10-15 reps per exercise with a quick water break between sets!

Warm up:

Vigorous side step or power walking (5 minutes)

Set 1:

Cross body standing high knees

Pull downs

Bent rows

Rear shoulder squeeze 

Set 2:

Vigorous steps 

Side lunges (back and forth/both sides)


Kick backs 

Set 3: (laying down)

Seated row


Leg lift left

Leg lift right

Set 4:

Mountain climbers

Leg curl (alternating legs)

Leg extension left

Leg extension right

Cool down with an easy walk or mild yoga

Whatever you choose, just make sure to move your body!

Track your food. Drink your water. Move your body.

Wash your hands. Socially distance. Wear a face covering.

Stay safe and healthy!

Kate and the Kids

Author: Kate and the Kids

Mother of 4 taking her family on a journey to better health!

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