About Us

Kate and the Kids are a team of 6 family members actively seeking better health.

Kate- I’m 30 years old, and a mom of 4. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for about 3 years. My starting weight was 303 pounds, and I’ve currently lost over 150 pounds! I attribute most of my loss to getting my mental health to a better state. I’ve come to love healthy eating, and I’m excited to share my tips, tricks and recipes!

I’ve also been on a massive mental health journey. For over 25 years I went without diagnosis. I’ve recently sought out help, and am making huge strides in managing my bipolar disorder, OCD, depression and anxiety.

My social health has so much room for improvement. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have held the same group of friends for about 10 years, but it has made it extremely difficult to interact with new people. Social health (to me) also includes my relationship with family and of course, my husband.

Arielle- I’m 11 years old, and love acting. I’m an incredibly physical person with lots of energy! I have some serious strength and athletic gifts.

In the past I have struggled with frustration issues.  I’m doing much better now, but it’s always something I am working on. I march to the beat of my own drum and totally embrace being “weird.”

My social health isn’t always important to me. I’m more interested in loving who I am than concerned with other people liking me. As much as self-love is important, I’m trying to understand the importance of building a tribe and support system.

Jacen- I’m 9 years old and smarter than most adults. I have a genetic condition called Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) that affects my connective tissue. I have weak muscles in my arms, legs, GI tract and heart. I have a hard time keeping up with athletics, but I go to physical therapy to build up my muscles. I’m working very hard!

Surrounded by women, I’m definitely in touch with my emotions. I’m an empath who loves helping others. I’m bullied at school for crying easily, and trying my best to make my school days easier by finding emotional balance. I absolutely love cats, and I would be perfectly content spending my days curled up with a cat and a book. Please remind my parents of how much I’d love a kitten! I really, really want one!

Anna- I’m 2! I love being active, climbing things I shouldn’t and scaring the crap out of mama. I also really love Elmo. I’m fearless and strong, and my older siblings have passed on so many of their wonderful characteristics.

Lucy- I’m the newest member of the pack. I sleep like a rock, throw back the bottles and poop like a champ. I’m basically winning at baby-ing.

As a family we are on a journey to wellness. We would like to find balance of healthy bodies, healthy minds, and a healthy social life. We are looking forward to sharing our story with you!

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