Kate Fasci Health Coaching



In two years I have lost 150 pounds- that’s half my original weight! At my biggest, I was taking the highest dose of Metformin available (diabetic medication) and struggled with infertility. Losing the weight allowed me to get pregnant with my daughter, stop taking diabetes medication, and has offered more perks than I ever could imagine. My smaller frame has unlocked so much potential to bond with my family, and my new, active lifestyle has brought on a huge change in my mental health. I’m on a mission to help others feel as great as I do!

While I blog mostly about mental health, physical health is very important to me. I’ve completed nutrition classes, and my own progress is proof that I know what I’m doing. I would love to assist you in reaching your health and nutrition goals.

Nutrition coaching and meal plans are available. Plans are tailored to each individual based on current health, goals, activity level, food preferences and more.

Contact me below for more information. In the comment section please not any chronic medical conditions and your health goals.