Kate and The Kids Shop

Orders are currently being processed via e-mail. KateFasci@Gmail.com

Please include the base article style, size, color and design. Custom orders $40 or over require a deposit via cash or venmo.

Our designs can be placed on almost anything- mugs, signs, tank tops, sweatpants, hats, shoes – and so much more. Don’t be afraid to ask! We love working custom orders!

items are priced by article, not by design.

Jonestown- Don’t drink the Kool-Aid
Jeff Dahmer- Start eating at home more
that bitch Carole Baskin killed her husband and fed him to the tiger (allegedly- don’t sue us, Carole!)
truth. it’s always the husband
Kirby Bead Art by Jacen
Hocus Pocus Bad Witch
true crime with my dog
FOR EXAMPLE ONLY – 18 inch customized doll. “ladybug meets Minnie Mouse”